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Wireless Lighting Controls

At A+ Circuit Solutions, we want our clients to have only the best and the most advanced services and products at their fingertips. We went the extra mile to provide you with the latest on lighting fixtures and appliances—wireless controls that allow you to create the perfect atmosphere in every room effortlessly.

Think about a time when you can use a wireless hand-held remote control that fits snugly in your palm to control a variety of appliances, thermostats, and lamps and other lighting fixtures in your home. Not only that, you can also use a timer switch to control when your lights will turn on and off to save energy.

Imagine a room where the lights can be dimmed or turned up with just the simple touch of a button. Picture a central station from which all the lights in your house can be instantly controlled. And, think of a light fixture that is smart enough to detect when a person enters and leaves a room, turning on and off as needed.

Do you wish you can live in a home like this?

Now you can.

A+ Circuit Solutions provides you with quality state-of-the-art wireless services to make your home truly unique and suited to your tastes and needs. Our wireless control options provide you with energy-efficient, convenient and safe ways to control just about every appliance and lighting fixture in your home.

Discover what you can do with wireless technology by calling A+ Circuit Solutions today!